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Empower Quality of Life

In this new digital day and age, being in control of your own information is one of the most powerful tools an individual can have to gain more self-control and self-determination. We have yet to see others that truly seek to put the individual first.

We believe it is time to move from privacy by default to ownership by default. This is the only way to make the individual the centerpiece of importance.


The 4LifeBox is where all the information around the person (which he or she owns) is stored. It is an essential component of 4LifeSupport. For the prototypes we used a Raspberry PI v3 but the 4LifeBox can take many forms, like: mobile phones, desktops, and the casing of mobile phones. Every 4LifeBox is linked to an individual and contains at least the identification of the individual. Every individual is identified using their DNA sequence, blood analysis, and gut analysis. Note that nobody (not even our organization) can access this information, except the individual, or when the individual is willingly sharing this information with others (for example when he donates this information for specific research purposes or sells it to a commercial entity).


  1. Every 4LifeBox is connected to 4LifeSupport. This doesn’t mean that every individual automatically shares all his or her information or is reachable by everyone all the time. But the functionalities are always there.
  2. All personal data is owned by the individual, this principle is inherited from the 4LifeSupport principles. More information on the website.
  3. We allow both validated and unvalidated services to send information to the 4LifeBox. However only information of validated services can be traded at the Community Investments or used for research purposes.
  4. We aim to identify every individual that orders a 4LifeBox using their biomedical information. During the intake we will analyse three different types of information: DNA sequence, blood analysis and a gut analysis.


  1. The individual is the center of all services related to his / her personal data
  2. All individuals have the right and capacity for full self-determination
  3. All data represents a value for its owner
  4. Built-in data integrity and security allows only the owner to have or grant access to his or her personal data

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